An Old Jazz Club

As I walked into an old underground jazz club,
I didn’t know to expect,
My heart was racing with excitement,
The place was smoky and dark,
The energy is wild,
Captivating you right away,
A singer is telling a story about love,img_jazz_nick-white_refesc210_modezoom
Drums that set the beat,
The sounds of saxophone that breaks you heart,
Everyone dancing as if they are..
Possessed by their sins,
Men wearing there gangster hats,
Nodding their heads to sweet painful sound of the music,
Women wearing their short tassel skirts,
That sway as they swing their hips,
It feels as if I have walked into a different time..
I listen to people tell their stories of old times,
Over whiskey,
And cigarettes,
We all take our turn to dance,
To lyrics that only those who have loved,
So hard that they felt their hearts bleed,
Love that brought them to their knees,
These are the people,
Who can feel the music as if it were their life line..
It felt like I was coming home,
To this old jazz club.


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